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Policies & Procedures

I am so excited to have you back in the salon, and I can’t wait to catch up. As always, I want you to feel at home when you visit, and I want you to leave loving your hair. I genuinely care about all of you and all your families. I want to continue to care for you and your beauty needs without compromising your health or safety. A large part of my profession has always been dedicated to sanitation and disinfection--whether you see it yourself or not. Over the past few months of the shutdown, I have been monitoring updated industry standards closely. I have reviewed the California State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology, CDC, and CAL/OSHA's updated requirements that salons must meet before re-opening. In addition to researching our industry's best practices. One notable change to my salon that took place just before the closure is that I have moved into a new studio space--within the same building and only two doors down. As I no longer work in a shared space with another stylist, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be able to get your hair done without exposure to large groups of people. To be in compliance with the new government regulations and industry guidelines, there will be some changes when you next visit the salon, all of which are aimed at providing the safest environment possible for myself and the wide array of clients who visit.


Please note the important changes for your upcoming appointment:

Before Your Appointment:
  1. Please fill out and sign the electronic Informed Consent Waiver, click the button in your confirmation email. (Check spam folder if you did not see it) This is required prior to your appointment.

  2. If you would like to purchase any product, please communicate that to me prior to your appointment. I will be placing each clients’ disinfected purchases into a sealed bag before the start of the working day.

  3. Please limit the number of personal items you bring into the salon. Leaving purses, jackets, tote bags, food, etc. in the car is preferable. However, I understand some may not be comfortable with this, and I will provide a large sealed bag for you to place your personal items during your appointment.

  4. No guests will be allowed into the studio during your scheduled appointment.

  5. At this time please do not bring any food or beverages to your appointment. You may bring bottled water, as our coffee machine and lounge may be inaccessible.

  1. When you arrive, please text me at 925-667-6623 to let me know you have arrived. DO NOT COME IN THE BUILDING. When I am done disinfecting and sanitizing the space from the previous appointment. I will text you to let you know that you may come inside.

  2. You must wear a mask that can be secured around your ears. Any masks that are tied behind the head won’t allow me to work on your hair. I will be happy to provide a disposable mask.

  3. Before entry, I will be taking your temperature to ensure that you do not have a fever. Any temperature (100.4 °F or higher) will require us to reschedule.

  4. Upon entry to the salon, we will both be required to wash our hands at the shampoo basin.

During Your Appointment:
  1. For a period of time, blow-drys will be eliminated from all services. I will be providing complimentary deep conditioning treatments (valued at $45) to everyone in lieu of the blow-dry service. Please note that this will not be forever.

  2. To move the salon to Contactless Payment methods, please consider using the NFC features using Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, or cards with the NFC chip/ability. Another option available would be Venmo, here is my profile link if you would like to add me as a friend before your visit.

  3. Your mask must be worn at all times during the appointment. This is a regulation issued by the many agencies I am governed by as a State Board Licensed Cosmetologist, State Board Licensed Establishment, and a County Registered Business. I will be fined and/or penalized if I or any patron is not in compliance.

 In addition, there are several other initiatives in place to meet my commitment to protect your health:

  1. The salon will now feature a Sanitation Bar that will give all clients access to hand sanitizer, complimentary masks, and a UV disinfectant case. The UV disinfectant case can charge your phone wirelessly and is large enough to store car keys, earbuds, or other small items if needed for the duration of your appointment.

  2. I have made an effort to move to single-use items (capes, towels, bags, and aprons) where I can. Any items that are not single-use will continue to be disinfected, using only EPA certified and CDC recommended disinfectants.

  3. My salon also has a high powered fan and independent HVAC Unit that will exchange all the air in the studio every 10 minutes with fresh air. I also purchased a UV-C light air filter for the studio that is known to kill airborne bacteria.

  4. In between each appointment, I will be increasing my sanitation and disinfection protocols. Spraying all the surfaces with EPA-certified, and CDC-recommended disinfectants and thoroughly cleaning all high touch surfaces.

  5. To honor social distancing, maximize your safety, and comply with new regulations, I will not be double booking any appointments. While this is one more step to protect you, it will limit the appointment slots available each day. 

To ensure I can meet these new standards to protect you and respect the health and viability of my business, my service prices have been updated and are listed on the Services page of my website.


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